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Pstruh na houbách

Salmon Trout with onion mousse, mushrooms, egg yolk

A traditional main dish reimagined as an appetiser


Tarhoňa with burnt lemon, dill

Kristína's version of Tarhoňa, a very well known risotto dish in Slovak and Hungarian cuisine that is often prepared as a side dish to stew

Svíčková na smetaně 

Sirloin beef in bone sauce with roasted vegetable puree, Carlsbad dumpling on butter

Kristína's take on this national Czech favourite, usually prepared for special occasions and considered by many to be one of the country’s best sauce-based dishes



Melt in your mouth honey cake with a drizzle of miso and sea buckthorn


Originally from Georgia, this honey cake is now one of the most popular desserts in the Czech Republic, and is given a twist on this menu

Kindly read the FAQs if you have food allergies or dietary restrictions

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