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The Preview

28 July 2022 | Eat At My Kitchen

30 invited guests were treated to a sneak preview of the cuisine as Chef Kristína served up a four-course meal comprising her modern take on traditional Czech and Slovak dishes. Diners at the November event will be treated to a six-course omakase style menu and an immersive experience of the country and culture of the Czech Republic. 

Guest Feedback

"Fantastic dinner and experience."

David Lim

"A big thank you for a new experience! My first time eating Czech food.

My favourite was the rice-looking dish - fresh and al dente!"

Aziza Ali

"Amazing experience! The food was great and it made me go places! Please open a restaurant soon!"

R. Hasnabi

"Very enjoyable evening and am so delighted to experience Czech cuisine and alcoholic beverage. Didn't know Pilsner and Bata are from the Czech Republic. Well organised evening with wonderful company."

Nora Tann

"Děkujeme! Thank you for making us feel like we are at home."

Žaneta Manouskova, Embassy of the Czech Republic

"A wonderful evening of great Czech cuisine and new friendships! Thank you!"

William Tan

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