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The Making of a Chef

To many, Kristína Nemčková is an overnight success story. Still, those closest to her will tell you that her success is the result of not just her talent and passion for cooking, but especially her hard work and sheer determination to succeed.


Never too young

Kristína started out in the kitchen when she was just seven years old, when she and her best friend prepared a surprise feast for their parents.  The whole experience left an indelible impact on her. Over time, her love for cooking grew, inspired by her grandmother, a chef herself,  and her many traditional Czechoslovak recipes.

Dream come true

A big fan of the popular *MasterChef TV series, Kristína resolved to win the title one day. The minute she was old enough to qualify for the MasterChef

Czech Republic, she jumped at the opportunity. Lo and behold,  after a gruelling competition, Kristína became the first female contestant to win the MasterChef Czech title in 2019, as well as the youngest ever - at 17 years of age - to win the MasterChef title anywhere in the world. A title she still holds today.


A rising star

The MasterChef win accorded Kristína celebrity status in the

Czech Republic but she was not one to rest on her laurels. Around the same time, she published her cookbook #Upgrade, "a collection of traditional Czechoslovak recipes and their innovations." The success of #Upgrade earned Kristína a place on FORBES Magazine's 30-under-30 list. In September 2022, she made a patron of the non-profit organisation, the Duke of Edinburgh Czech Republic (DofE).

In 2021, Kristína graduated from the prestigious Le Corden Bleu Academy in London with a Grand Diplôme®. She went on to intern at several top restaurants in Prague and in London.  She is currently a Chef de partie at the Two-Michelin Starred Restaurant Story in London. Kristina is also the Education Ambassador of the Czech Gastronomic Institute and an Ambassador of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award (DofE).

Having firmly established her

"Made by Kristína" brand and line of merchandise, Kristína's biggest dream yet is to one day run her own Michelin-Starred restaurant.

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