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The Experience

Made by Kristína in Singapore is a multi-sensory gastronomic experience that extends well beyond the food and wine. We bring you a little taste of the Czech Republic, its culture and tantalise you with some sights and sounds of the history-rich country. With only 30 guests each night, it is almost like being invited to a private dinner in Kristína's home.  You will get to meet and greet Kristína and have your copy of her best-selling cookbook #Upgrade personally autographed. 

Milan Nestarec Wines

Discover Czech Wine

Sample the innovative taste of natural Czech wines by Milan Nestarec from the Moravia region by choosing the wine pairing option by sommelier Valentin Krug from Artisan Cellars.


Celebrate Czech Culture

Discover about world renown Czech artists, writers, composers, filmmakers and more in our specially curated collection celebrating Czech culture and artistry.


Explore Beautiful Czechia

The Czech Republic boasts 16 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, many castles and beautiful old towns. Let us transport you virtually to its capital Prague, and entice you to experience the country for yourself.

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